Community Representative

What is a Community Representative?

In order to fully represent the entire state of Connecticut  and to ensure every community has a voice in Slow Food Shoreline’s activities, we rely on Community Representatives (CRs). CR’s are liaisons and ambassadors for Slow Food Shoreline, allowing Slow Food to have a more meaningful impact throughout the state.

CRs have an open invitation to the Slow Food Shoreline Board Meetings, and act as advisory board members. Two specific board meetings each year focus on how we connect Slow Food Shoreline’s mission and goals to individual communities, and CR’s play an important role. CRs also interact with leadership on an ad hoc basis the entire year, giving advice and assisting with local activities.

CRs duties include:

  • Suggesting and planning local events
  • Extending Slow Food Shoreline’s signature activities (such as Slow Food Swaps)
  • Engaging with local businesses who believe in the Slow Food mission
  • Promoting local Slow Food events within their community
  • Building partnerships with local organizations
  • Advising the SFS board on events and volunteer opportunities in their communities
  • To learn more about becoming a Community Representative, contact Slow Food Shoreline Chapter Leader Michael Cook by emailing


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